Vantastic France

My first novel Vantastic France has just been released.


So what is Vantastic France all about and where did the inspiration come from you might ask.

For the past few years, I have spent a lot of time in Brittany and I have heard many stories from ex-pats about their trial and tribulations of starting a new life in France. I had wanted to write a novel for many years and I do have one on the back boiler, which I am still writing.

There are many great books about people moving to France, so I needed to think of a different perspective and one that had not been covered as much. My initial idea was to have a less glossy image of moving to France and I felt that ‘white van man’ would be the perfect type of person to base my story on.

I do not want to spoil it for any prospective readers of Vantastic France, but I will give you a little insight in to the story.

Barry Taylor, the main character had a dream of leaving his mundane life in the UK to start a new life with his family in France. Spotting a cheap property for sale sets the ball rolling, but first he had to persuade his family and secondly he had to find the funds.

Eventually, they arrive in France and that it when reality hits home, work is difficult to find, the money pot is dwindling and relationships suffer. Clarissa the snooty neighbour, who resents other ex-pats moving into her village and lowering the tone, especially a ‘white van man’, is another spanner in the works, as does an ex-flame.

As an avid people watcher I am intrigued by the types of ex-pats that I come across in France.

You have the types that prefer  their own little ‘mini England’  in France, have no intention of learning French or mingling with the French and are easily spotted as they shout loudly in English in shops and restaurants when they need to get their point across to the French, who do not understand a word of English.

There are also the everyday people, with no airs and graces, that try their best to learn French, mingle with the locals and do not complain that they cannot find cheddar cheese on a supermarket shelf.

 You will come across many different characters in ‘Vantastic France’, as most people do who live or visit France. So I hope anyone who has even the slightest interest in France and the way of life here will get entertained, have a laugh  and maybe even shed a tear as they read my book.

To purchase the download , just search for Vantastic France  in  Kindle e-books. It is available on all Amazon sites.

It is priced at  just 3 Euro’s or Dollar and Sterling equivalent.

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