Read Reviews on Vantastic France

Here are some of the reviews that I have found or been sent.

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I received this email from a friend who does not pull punches, and as he has spent a lot of time holidaying in France I was a little apprehensive about his thoughts.

‘Do you realise that this has been my only fictional read since I was a boy!
Made me laugh out loud and bought a tear to my eye.
Solid 1st effort and I particularly enjoyed the  french phrases and bits and pieces, a couple of which were new to me.
Know that you will be itching to add a bit more romance/passion to the next one.’




Just finished reading Vantastic France – thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth the 3 euros 6 centimes it cost to download to my Kindle. I tried to log in to twitter from my Kindle but need a more tekky brain than mine – my son is coming to visit I will get him to help, then I can ‘Tweet’ my views on the book.

I recommend it – a very good read


Elkay – Brittany and Normandy Forum

Am more than half way through and loving it. Nicholas Nickleby will have to wait.

SLKAngloinfo Brittany

I have just read an entertaining new book about White Van Man moving to France. It follows the life of a family from the UK and I am sure a few other people will enjoy it and recognise a few familiar traits of the people they encounter, good and bad.
It’s not a literary masterpiece, but it did have me chuckling to myself in many place.

BettyJo – Angloinfo Brittany

I recently downloaded this too. I agree, it’s very amusing. I feel that I know most of the characters already, as you say SLK we can see so many likenesses and can compare the characters with people we either know or have come across here in France.
I have only got to chapter 16 so far, so please don’t give the ending away anyone !!! Got to get it finished now.! An amusing read for the winter evenings.

5 Responses to Read Reviews on Vantastic France

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  4. Peter Walters says:

    Hi Steve
    I came across your business card and went on this web site.
    I am going to buy your book on Amazon, shame because I would have liked to take it to France on Friday the 13th when we visit our little ‘maison secondaire’ in Lehon for a week.
    Hope you have settled in Brittany, maybe we’ll bump into you when we are over from time to time.
    A bientot
    Peter Walters
    Ex Guernsey Enterprise Agency.

    0044 1481 236783

    • Hi Peter
      If you had a kindle you could have it instantly, I never thought I would get used to a kindle but I wouldn’t be without one now, especially as there are so many free downloads.
      Yes I am enjoying being here more or less full time, although I have been nipping back and forth of late. I am sure we can meet up for a beer or two in the summer.

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