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Well it’s that time of the year, no not Christmas, another fun blog hop organised by Steph from Blog in France.

As a little incentive to post a comment I will give away a copy of Vantastic France in paperback, or an advert for a year on French Classified.  I will pick a winner from the people who comment on  this post and think of a great name for the sequel to Vantastic France.

2012 has been an eventful year with the launch of my first novel, which I am pleased to say after a good re-edit from Steph it is still selling daily. I expected to sell a few dozen copies, but Vantastic France exceeded all expectation so it goes to show that If I can sell books then anyone can. If you are thinking of publishing a novel in 2013 then do it and I am sure there are plenty of wonderful people out there who can give you great advice and help like I had.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and a big thank you to Steph and everyone that helped make my dream come true. Visit all the blogs below as there might be a few other prizes up for grabs.

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It’s so nice to buy a real book

I have to admit that I am hooked on my Kindle, but sometimes a book comes along that you have to buy in hardback or paperback. A book filled with great photo’s that you can leave on the coffee table and browse through as the mood takes you. One such book that I have to admit that I have mentioned a few times on my blog is ‘Guernsey Evacuees – The Forgotten Evacuees of the Second World War’ by Gillian Mawson.

Gillian has spent years researching this wonderful book, full of some very personal stories. Being a true ‘Guernsey Donkey’, I could not resist buying a copy from W H Smith when I was last over in Guernsey, it was my Christmas present to myself.

On the 28th June 1940 German aircraft attacked St Peter Port harbour, firing indiscriminately on the island as they flew over, forcing the local people to take cover. Bombs were dropped on the harbour and tomato lorries were shot at in the belief that they contained ammunition.  23 people were killed and 36 wounded in this attack. The only defence the islanders had was a lewis gun on the mail boat, hardly a match for the German forces.

This raid triggered the evacuation of Guernsey to slightly safer shores in the UK, some adults and children decided to stay and secure their homes from the impending occupation by German forces, many touching books have be written about the plight of those who stayed. However, Gillian’s book covers many unpublished stories of those who were evacuated. Some children never returned and many didn’t see their parents for five very long years. You can only imagine how hard that must have been for a young child, plus the heartache endured by their parents.

006-mother-and-chldren-at-weymouth-joz1 The evacuees were sent to northern England, some with their parent, some alone. This was seen as a safer area at the time, and this is how one child saw it.

‘There were rivers and canals, viaducts, trains and noisy railway stations, cotton mills belching black smoke into the air, and coating everything with a dark grey dust, and the women wrapped in shawls who looked pale as if they never saw the sun.’

Guernsey has no railways, rivers, cotton mills and is usually sometimes called the sunshine island, so you can imagine what an additional shock this must have been for most children that have never before left the safe clean, calm shores of Guernsey, to arrive in such a dark and dismal place.


Thanks to the warmth and generosity of the Northerners, most of the children settled down in to a near normal lifestyle and the bonds that grew last still to this day between Guernsey and UK families, including my own.

I have to admit that I have not read the whole book, I want to savour it in small doses, but have browsed some of the chapters, which I find fascinating and very touching, this book is very much fact and not a fictitious war story. It is a book that I will treasure, often browse through and reflect on the history of my island.

Most true ‘Guernsey Donkeys’ or ‘Gurn’s’ will enjoy this fascinating book and I am sure many fans of Guernsey will do too, so get it on your Christmas list before it’s too late.

Thank you Gillian for all your time and hard work in creating a very important historical account of The Forgotten Evacuees.

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John Nettles -Bergerac. New about novel Occupation of Guernsey

Further to my post about Guernsey Evacuees The Forgotten Story by Gillian Mawson   John Nettles the former Bergerac star has written Jewels and Jackboots, a book on the German Occupation of the Channel. Continue reading

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Vantastic France No 1 on Amazon France !

I do not get many downloads in but when I do it certainly helps the rankings. Before you get too excited for me, I have actually had only had 4 downloads this month on but at least it has put me at number one in two sections. Continue reading

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Guernsey Evacuees The Forgotten Story by Gillian Mawson

I have been looking forward to the publication of this book for quite a while now, as Gillian has been adding the final touches to this fascinating story. Continue reading

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New website for E-book Formatting – Free Giveaways

The importance of E-book formatting can never be overlooked when publishing a new E-book, so here is news of a new website for Jo Harrison which has been launched today. To celebrate the launch Jo is offering a great selection of E-books in an easy to enter competition. Continue reading

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Update on publishing on Kindle for the first time


Re-posted 1.6.2015

I found it very easy to publish my book on Kindle, in fact I cant think why I had not done it before as my finished book had been sitting around for 12 months.

Basically you add it in simple stages and the link is below to the site. (Just reposting this post with updates)

View original post 866 more words

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A Self-Publisher’s Guide to Kobo

Molly Greene author of Mark of the Loon has as very informative post on here website about publishing on Kobo, which is another alternative to Amazon and Smashwords.

If you’re wondering, “What’s a Kobo?” Here’s the backstory: Kobo entered the scene in 2010, marketing it’s e-Reader as a less expensive alternative to Kindle and Nook, which are currently the best selling e-Reader devices. That will change if Hiroshi Mikitani gets his way. Mikitani is CEO of Japan’s largest e-commerce company, Rakuten, which purchased Canadian-owned Kobo in 2011. Since the acquisition, he’s publicly vowed to destroy Amazon – and the competition might just prove to be good news for self-published authors.

To read more please go to Molly Greene – Author, Blogger, Novelist, Teller of Tales

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Promoting your novel is never a waste of time

A few months ago I sent a paperback copy of Vantastic France to an Anglo/French newspaper called The Connexion. After a few months my novel was not reviewed and I was informed that they had piles of them awaiting reviews, so I had almost forgotten about it. Last week while I was reading  the latest edition of The Connexion, I came across my book review which was a pleasant surprise.

A few days earlier I  found that I suddenly had a few extra sales on Amazon France, which had put me in the number one position in my category. I had just put this down to the sales that I get there every few months as most of my sales are from the UK, with a few in the US.  So in retrospect it seems that the effort of sending my novel to a newspaper has paid off.

As the sales reports on Amazon seem to be having a glitch as no one is getting any sales figures this month, I cannot tell if I have had any more success. However, my ratings have gone up in the UK so I presume the trend is continuing. I will just have to wait and see when the sales reports get back to normal to check the actual sales numbers.

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50 Shades of Grey Video – Sales of Vantastic France in France!

There are not many readers who have not heard about 50 Shades of Grey, in fact it seems to be the most discussed novel on the planet at the moment. I have now just finished the first book, but I will not buy the sequels as I have been told they are much that same and the first one which was a bit of a hard slog, or should that be flog!

I did quite enjoy the book even though there are thousands of reviewers hating it, with a few more thousand loving it. Most people will probably read it to see what all the fuss was about, some might be shocked, others will take it all with a pinch of salt and not take it too seriously. Despite all the negative reviews it still has been an instant best seller, so it just goes to show that there are plenty of readers out there willing to spend their hard earned cash on books, despite all the talk of freebies ruining book sales.

There are few videos on You-tube made by fans of the book, plus an official trailer as well for the film which will be released in the future.

I have added these to one of my other websites it anyone is interested, just click HERE if you dare!

Vantastic France Sales

 Most of the sales for Vantastic France are in the UK, with a few every month in the States. However, every so often I get a few sales from Kindles registered in France. These sales really affect my rating in France, I just wish I had the same rating on and I would be getting thousands of sales.

Daily sales in the UK always keep me in the top twenty, so I am very happy with that after 8 months of sales. I do still promote on Twitter and Facebook, but this is hard to measure in the sales figures as I still seem to get the same amount of sales the weeks I do not promote. I think it is just a matter of steady promotion to keep the ball rolling.

Some authors have tried various paid promotions including Facebook ads, but I feel with just one novel that this would be a total waste of money for me. I am also now on Smashwords, but this is not generating any sales as yet, although I have read on some forums that promotion on Smashwords generates more sale on Amazon, as many readers  prefer to buy via Amazon. Like with all promotions, it is very difficult to prove exactly where your sales come from.

The French Ratings.

Classement des meilleures ventes d’Amazon: n°5.060 dans la Boutique Kindle (Voir le Top 100 dans la Boutique Kindle)

n°4 dans Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Travel > Europe > France

n°19 dans Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Entertainment > Humor

n°25 dans Livres anglais et étrangers > Travel > Europe > France





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