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Re-posted 1.6.2015

I found it very easy to publish my book on Kindle, in fact I cant think why I had not done it before as my finished book had been sitting around for 12 months.

Basically you add it in simple stages and the link is below to the site. (Just reposting this post with updates)

Firstly edit and re-edit your chapters, you also need a page break between each chapter. You do not need a book cover but I would recommend one, it need not be a professional looking cover for just an e-book and you can change it if you do get one made up.

Load up your chapters, without the cover of course, add a chapter list if you have one. I did not bother with this as mine were just numbered. You also need a short description of your book at the start.

There are also links to sites where you can format your book for e-book publishing, but I just clicked on my word doc to upload it and it looks fine. Maybe if you have pictures and more elaborate fonts, then it might be worthwhile using one of the recommended programs. (see below for e-book formatting)

The great thing is that if mistakes are spotted in your book, then you can re-edit your document and reload it. The same for the cover, you can also alter other settings like pricing etc.

If your e-book sells well, then you can also go to print on demand. This way your book will be instantly printed when someone orders it. So you do not have to pay up front for printed books, as with some other self-publishing companies. You will of course have to make sure you book is better prepared and have a good eye catching cover.

I have to admit I have not yet tried the print on demand publishing, but it will be my next step, as I do seem to be having quite a number of early sales with my book.

(Update I decided to publish a paperback with Amazon, which cost nothing and is a type of print on demand. Read more HERE)

To find out all you need to know about publishing on Kindle use this link to the Kindle Direct Publishing



A very important process in publishing with Kindle is to have your word document properly formatted. I can now recommend  Jo Harrison as she did re-format my book after it had a re-edit. Jo specialises in formatting for Kindle and other platforms so you will be in safe hands, you can find her website here.   Please let her know that I recommended her.


Most people who publish for the fist time will probably not bother with a professional edit, due to the cost and they also probably feel that they have done a good enough job themselves or with the help of friends.

However, no matter how many times you re-edit your work, there will be errors that you miss. Once your novel is published for the first time on Kindle  you can go back and re-edit. This can be too late though, because if some picky reader spots a simple mistake and gives you a low star rating for this , as many do no matter how good your story might be, the one or two star review will be there forever.

As my book has sold better than expected I did eventually have a professional re-edit by Steph Dagg, who has published many books herself. Her edit was a little late in the day, as I had already picked up a few low star ratings before and some people did comment on the editing and a few other errors in my writing skills.

Steph has a link on her website where you can get a quote to have your book edited, again if you do use her services please mention me, as I might get a little favour back.

It is too late for me to worry about the low stars and the good ones do make up for them, but I have learn a few lessons the hard way, mainly that I have to hone my writing skills and that next time I will have a professional edit before I launch my next novel.

My novel is still in the top 10 to 30 for it’s main category, I still sell at least one book everyday and some days quite a few more. The cheques roll in every month, from £150 to £250 just for my one little novel. So it would well cover the cost of editing my next novel.

Like I have said, you only have one chance to impress your readers. Learn from my mistakes and make sure that your novel is 100% before you press the publish button. If you are reluctant to pay for an edit the first time, just get as many friends to read your manuscript to spot any simple errors before you publish.

Just email or comment if you need any other guidance, I am no expert but I have been through the process the hard way so I have gained a little insight in to publishing your first novel.

For those of you that are still contemplating getting published there are no more excuses, because if I can do it and sell books, then I am sure you can. I know who you all are!  🙂





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