Keep your e-Book sales momentum going strong.

After proudly publishing your new novel then telling all your friends and family so they will hopefully download it or purchase the paperback, you do need to keep the ball rolling or you will lose momentum. A few early sale might have got your novel in the top one hundred in a certain category, so you really need to keep it there.

Marketing your e-Book does not have to cost you a penny, or very little if you are prepared to put in some initial work. I had thought that Twitter was for celebrities, tweeting about their latest escapades and millions of fans following them to be part of the circus.

Little did I realise the power of Twitter for marketing your novel, which I know for certain has brought in sales and even a few blog posts and interviews from some of the people who followed me. Twitter is a two  way thing, you do have to spend some time re-tweeting and not just expect everyone to re-tweet you. With automated tweets and other applications, Twitter can just takes a few minutes each day to keep it active. The problem I did find at the start was who to follow, what was a hash-tag for and where to find the best free automatic tweeting applications.

Fortunately for me Jo Harrison a virtual assistant who formatted my book runs a website full of advice for marketing your e-Book, so I found most of what I needed to know on her site. She has even just produced a mini e-Book marketing course, this was free of charge and I had daily emails with tips and advice.

There are many other ways to market your novel, do not just think that it will sell itself. With so many new books launched daily there is a lot of competition and only the lucky few will generate thousands of instant sale. Freebies are not sale, they might be good for your ego when you see hundreds of people daily downloading your book, but they will never pay you for a copy. You might hope that they will purchase your next novel in the future, but with so many freebies to read they will probably have forgotten about you by then.

I constantly see posts on the Amazon forum from people complaining about Amazon not reporting all their sales, they claim that they have been lost in cyberspace or even given to an author with the same name as them! Anyone with an ounce of common sense would realise that we are competing with thousands of new authors monthly and also with the freebies from the KDP select programme, it’s hardly rocket science. Just because you had hundreds of sales last month, it does not mean that this will continue this month. Maybe it those complaining spent a little time on marketing instead of posting on a forum, then they might see a few more sales registered.

I am not saying that you will see hundreds of extra sales overnight by marketing, but you should keep your sales momentum ticking over. I am also not in the big league when it comes to book sales, my personal target after a year is just a few book a day. Some days I have no sales, others three to six. However if a see a few days with no sale I put a little extra effort into my tweets and facebook posts and try to participate in any other free promotional offers that come my way.

To keep your novel on the boil is not easy, but it will be the best platform to launch any new publications from if your previous novel is still keeping its own momentum.


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I run French Classified and Property
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