A Self-Publisher’s Guide to Kobo

Molly Greene author of Mark of the Loon has as very informative post on here website about publishing on Kobo, which is another alternative to Amazon and Smashwords.

If you’re wondering, “What’s a Kobo?” Here’s the backstory: Kobo entered the scene in 2010, marketing it’s e-Reader as a less expensive alternative to Kindle and Nook, which are currently the best selling e-Reader devices. That will change if Hiroshi Mikitani gets his way. Mikitani is CEO of Japan’s largest e-commerce company, Rakuten, which purchased Canadian-owned Kobo in 2011. Since the acquisition, he’s publicly vowed to destroy Amazon – and the competition might just prove to be good news for self-published authors.

To read more please go to Molly Greene – Author, Blogger, Novelist, Teller of Tales

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3 Responses to A Self-Publisher’s Guide to Kobo

  1. plazahm says:

    Steve, thank you so much for linking to my blog! Kobo may not rank with Amazon in importance yet, but I think it’s wise for self-publishers to keep any eye on them.

  2. I agree Molly as the freebies on Amazon are not helping sales, so I opted out to go on Smashwords as well. It might make Amazon take note a little if there is more competition.

  3. Steph says:

    Very useful info, thanks Steve and Molly.

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