Find another way to promote your novel

Last week I had an  inexpensive short video produced for Vantastic France via BZ Hercules, this is yet another little tool that you can use to promote your novel.

I am sure that there are many companies that produce these promotional videos, but it will cost you a lot more to have one  produced that has a popular music track and and a more complex video story line. You are hardly  going to get thousands of hits on YouTube, but you could end up with a few more sales for your novel for a small investment.

One particular book trailer that I came across via my Twitter page was this one below from ‘Girlz of Galstanberry’ 

It show what can be produced with a little imagination and it is quite magical. There are programs that you can also use to produce your own video like windows DVD maker, but mine kept crashing so I gave up and used the services of BZ Hercules.

Some people might find a promotional video a  little corny a little like some TV advert, but people still watch them and mention them so a seed has been sown. Advertising results are very hard to define, it could take a while to filter through and you will never really know why someone purchased your novel or product. However, like has been said many times, ‘If you are not in the race, how the hell do you expect to win it!’

We are all so fortunate now that there are so many ways to promote our novels on-line, unlike previously when you had to wait for someone to notice it in a book shop. Yes the market is now saturated with e-books and self published paperbacks, so the more you can do to promote your own novel should result in more sales.

If you do decide to have a video made then let me know and I will feature some of them on my website, also any tips would be most welcome. I like to feel that as authors we can share our knowledge and help each other, what goes around, comes around.

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I run French Classified and Property
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2 Responses to Find another way to promote your novel

  1. Garen Wolff says:

    Informative article Steve!! Thank you for highlighting Galstanberry series and incorporating the trailer for Galstanberry #2!!!

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