Promote your novel with a video

BZ Hercules have come up with another way to promote your novel in the form of a short music video, which as well as being useful for your own personal promotions will also be featured on their YouTube  channel.

At the time of writing they have a special offer of just $39.99 for 90 second video. more detail HERE. Obviously you will be restricted in the music which can use, without paying a massive licence fee. You can order your own video trailer  HERE

Just to let you know that the farmhouse complex in Brittany is for sale at 179.000 Euros

Here is the little video that I had made to promote Vantastic France.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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4 Responses to Promote your novel with a video

  1. Steph says:

    It’s excellent Steve! Brilliant.
    I tried out a few free trailers with Animoto a while ago for a couple of my books but haven’t really done anything with them. It seems video trailers are the way to go with promotion now so I’d better catch up with the game …

  2. I found myself smiling at this all the way through – its terrific and should pique interests!

  3. Thanks Janine, it might get a little more interest in the book, every little helps. 🙂

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