I made it to Number One on Amazon

Well that got your attention, I am actually number one on Amazon UK  ‘French Travel’ free downloads today. I am usually in the top ten in this section paid, which I feel is quite an achievement for my first attempt.

It is hardly time to open the champagne as anyone can give their books away for free, so maybe I will just open a special bottle of my favourite French red wine. However, free downloads do help your future short term sales and rankings, but it is not something that I want to do in the future as I feel it is not the best long term plan for myself.

I had five free days to use up under the KDP select programme, so I took advantage of the last few days. The problem with the select programme is that you cannot market your  e-book anywhere else apart from on Amazon. It is a great scheme to help new authors get off the ground, but I do feel my work is now worth at least a few pounds a download.

  As I have found out the hard way I did need a professional editor like Steph Dagg and Jo Harrison to format the book. These great services have to be paid for of course, so you do need an income to cover your costs.

Many readers including myself have taken advantage of free downloads and sometimes it encourages you to download a book that you enjoy, but might not have normally downloaded. You then find a new author that you tend to follow in the future, as you have enjoyed their work.

The future of free downloads is being looked at by Amazon and I personally would like it as a one off for new books. I also feel that it should be 50 pence as I am sure readers will not mind paying that. We cannot buck the system, so we have to go along with what we have at the moment and the free books were a great way of selling kindles, so Amazon did know what they were doing.

Some very good authors have complained that some of their fans just wait for the next free day to download their new books, they could drop out of the system but sales are down for many people because of the free downloads. You cannot blame the readers for this, why pay when you can get something for free. So we will have to wait and see what Amazon comes up with in the future.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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3 Responses to I made it to Number One on Amazon

  1. Steph says:

    I’ve long suspected that free ebooks wouldn’t last forever. Whilst they’re good publicity, they’re unsustainable. You can’t expect authors to give all their work away for free. No other professional does! It’s not unreasonable to pay the price of a cup of coffee for a darned good book that gives you many hours of entertainment.

  2. Deborah says:

    It’s still a mighty achievement, Steve – big pat on the back!

  3. Thanks for your comment Deborah
    I am back in the top ten in paid sales in that category, so I am more than happy. Good luck with your Czech and Slovak versions.

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