Downloading a re-edited e-book on Kindle

Many people like myself have had to perform a little re-edit on their kindle e-books, it is also very easy to up-load the new file. The problem is that you want readers to have the chance of having the newer version on their kindle. This can was done by contacting Amazon and they then email the readers, requesting if they want the new re-edited version.

There is another way and the best time for your readers to download your new version is when your book is free, using the KDP select programme.

Here is how;

Firstly remove the old version from your kindle, then go to and sign-in to your account. Then click on “Your Account” (it’s listed right under your username on the upper-right) and choose “Manage Your Kindle” and this will take you to your Kindle library at Amazon and show you every book you’ve bought at Amazon. Look for your book there and delete it. Then go to your book site and buy the book again. Now the new book will be in your library and you just have to sync your Kindle to your Amazon library next time you fire up your Kindle.

There is also a choice when you click on each book that you have already download to have the new version, but I tried this and it didn’t seem to work for me, but that maybe because we have two kindles on the same account.

As my own novel Vantastic France is free on kindle the 15th and 16th of June is a great time for anyone who wants to download the re-edited version.

The new version has ‘Re-edited 2012’ on the first page.

The re-edited version is not a change in the story line,  just a tidy up of some of my punctuations and few other minor errors. I have to admit that I am not the best person at spotting little mistakes no matter how many times that I re-read the book, so I had a professional re-edit done. This is something that I now know that should have been done in the first place, but  luckily many readers have still enjoyed the book. However, a few errors can cause a few low star ratings on Amazon, therefore it is very worthwhile in the long term.

Some big thanks are now due, firstly  to my new editor Steph Dagg, who luckily has written quite a number of popular books, some about her life in France. Steph’s books can be found on her  website ‘Books are Cool’. If you fancy a real insight into what it can be like starting a new life in France then her latest book ‘Heads Above Water’ is a wonderful read, a must for any Francophile.

Secondly, e-book’s needs formatting before they are up-loaded on Amazon and even though I did it myself first time around I felt that my novel deserved another professional  finish to it. Jo Harrison runs Writer’s Block Admin Services and as well as being a virtual assistant she also formats e-books.  Jo also heavily promotes books that she has formatted and is a bit of a social media guru.

There are many people around that can help you with a your novel, but I like to use people that have a good record behind them and deliver what the promise. Steph and Jo have gone out of their way to support and help me, so I would thoroughly recommend them both.

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2 Responses to Downloading a re-edited e-book on Kindle

  1. Good luck with the free days and I hope the re-edit brings you lots more great reviews! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jo.
    I have already had the thumbs up from a very studious reviewer in the States.

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