Over 2000 downloads of Vantastic France in 3 months.

If anyone had told me in January that I would have had over 2000 downloads of Vantastic France on Amazon Kindle in 3 months, I would have said they were crazy.

Now you did notice that I didn’t title this post sales, or that would have been misleading because I have been participating in the KDP select programme, which allows you 5 days to promote your book for free and obviously these are not real sales. However after my last promotions, paid sales are over 10 a day again. If I can keep the momentum up that will result in a few nice pay cheques throughout the year.

To be honest when I started out on this journey the last thing that I thought I would do would be to make a fair amount of money with just one title, not enough money to live on of course but I could see that with a few more titles under my belt that it could give me enough income to mainly concentrate on my writing.

Before you think I am getting carried away I cannot see this happening for a few years yet, but you really do need goals in life and as I will be knocking on 60’s door in 3 years time, it is not a bad goal and fortunately I also have another successful business to sell.

The dilemma at the moment for me is time management, something I have never really been great at. I either go 100%  for one project, whilst paying little attention to others just as important. So I need to set time for writing, time for promotion and time for my other businesses. However, nothing comes without hard work and effort, but even that is not enough without working cleverly within the time allowed.

It is the little seeds that we have to keep sowing that gives us results, so that we can harvest the crop. So this is another little seed that I have sown today, which will keep the momentum going for this blog.

In conclusion can I say a big thank you to all of you that have downloaded Vantastic France, or have purchased the paperback. Those of you who have given me some great reviews, plus all the people that have encouraged me and helped with the promotion.

2000 downloads is a massive milestone in 3 months and I could not have done it without the help of all you very wonderful supportive people.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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2 Responses to Over 2000 downloads of Vantastic France in 3 months.

  1. Steph says:

    Very few people make a living from writing, Steve, but that’s no reflection on their talent. It’s a tough old world. A lot of extremely good writers earn very little, while some dreadful writers earn lots! Most TV celebs and popstars who turn to authoring and sell millions of books should never have been allowed near a pen! It’s their name that sells the book, not their ability. A lot of success in writing is to do with who you know, how much publicity you’re given by your publisher, and sometimes just plain luck. Most of us write for a bit of pocket money – and because we enjoy it.
    Always enjoy your blog posts, thanks Steve!

  2. Hi Steph
    You are so right and with even more e-book on the market, it will get harder.
    I do see some people complaining of no book sales, but then again they do not realise that for us novices we do need to promote ourselves, or get on a tv reality show.
    Luckily I will have a little nest egg in years time, but I will need to supplement it a little, so a little pocket money from book sales might do the trick. And of course we grow all our own veg here in France, have a few chickens for our eggs and then there is the cheap wine!

    It’s also nice to get great feedback Steph.

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