Two great books that I reviewed today

Firstly I am an avid reader of books and  secondly I am a budding author, which why I now realise that reviews are important and that good books should also be shared. We all have our personal own likes and dislikes, I do enjoy most books about travelling and life in a new country, which spurned me on the write my own novel.

I have to admit that I am a little lazy when it comes to reviewing book on Amazon, so today I decided to take the bull by the horns. All my downloads onto my Kindle are in France, but I though it better to do the reviews on the UK site. This is possible if you have made any purchase on Amazon UK, so even if you have not physically purchased the book on Amazon UK, you can still add a review.

So here are the two books that I really enjoyed reading last week, I hope to keep up reviewing books that I will read in the future and other ones that I have read in the past.

Best Foot Forward by  Susie Kelly , who deserves a medal for walking across France from La Rochelle to Lake Geneva.

Sojourn in Silesia: 1940 – 1945 – Arthur Charles Evans CBE

In May 1940, Charles was wounded and taken prisoner in Boulogne and spent the remainder of the war in prison camps in Upper Silesia.

A very interesting and touching story by a Gentleman Hero.

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