Day one of FREE kindle promotion

The first day of my FREE kindle promotion for Vantastic France resulted in 226 downloads. mostly in the UK which is my main market. I would imagine that some of the US authors who I did the joint promotion with would have had a lot more downloads as they have a larger market area. However, I am very pleased with the results so far and the figures are changing every few minutes as some results could be delayed and I still have Vantastic France FREE again today the 14th.

My total free downloads should reach well over 500, which will give me great exposure on Amazon. I have also gained a lot of new followers on Twitter and a few on my Facebook page.

I have also tried to re-tweet any other Kindle books that I noticed and not just the free ones, what goes around comes around as they say, so I in return I had plenty of re-tweets. Many other followers on Twitter re-tweeted my tweets and I am extremely grateful to them all. You cannot expect everyone who you re-tweet to pass the favour back, but you always seem to get your fair share. With so many tweets appearing it is impossible to read every one, especially as you get more followers and follow more people.

 I am still very much a novice tweeter and I know there are lists that you can join or be added to by other people, but I am still getting my head around all of this. What I do know is that twitter is an excellent promotional and social interaction tool, I would thoroughly recommend it to any budding authors like myself.

Self promotion is a two edged sword, on the one had it does seem to get results. However, on the other hand you feel like you are pushing your product down peoples throats, but no one got anywhere by standing still and the people who complain about their lot are usually the ones that expect everything to just fall on their plate. Then of course there are the other types that just write amazing books, which instantly sell, so as I am not quite in that league I will continue trying to improve my writing skills in my next novel and keep plugging away with Vantastic France.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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  1. Nice to find you and read about your experience.

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