5 star review for Vantastic France

Reviews of your novel can either make or break your day, they do not always appear as often as you would like. But then again I am not the most avid book reviewer myself, so I am trying to practise what I preach and review more books.

I have just received another 5 star review this week from Susan Keefe  who has also reviewed a few other books on Amazon. I would like to personally thank her here for taking the time to post her review.

I am not always sure how potential readers of my novel react to all my review, as you would think that a low one could put people off. However, this seems not to be the case as sales continue rising every month.

One book I will be reviewing is Sojourn in Silesia, which I am currently reading on my kindle. Written by Arthur Evans CBE who unfortunately is no longer with us. He served in the Irish Guards during WWII, but was captured the first day he arrived in France and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner, working in coal mines in Silesia.

Profit from the sale of this book will be donated to The British Red Cross at the expressed wish of Arthur in the days before he died. He never forgot their role in his survival during his imprisonment. If you ever read this very touching and interesting account of Arthur’s life as a prisoner of war, you will realise how much the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organisations helped keep the spirits up of those poor prisoners of war.

How on earth the parcels got through to the prisoners is amazing, because the German soldiers were also starving towards the later part of the war. I do understand that many parcels did not reach the prisoners, but it seems that most of them did.

We do tend to take life for granted and sometimes forget what a generation of very brave people went through to give us our freedom. Reading Arthur’s touching story has also made me reflect on what my parents went though during WW2. I only wish they were both alive to share the joy of getting my novel published and actually even selling some copies. I know they are both looking down on me, together with my grandfather who actually had a little novel published, so maybe that is were I got the impetus to follow in his footsteps.

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4 Responses to 5 star review for Vantastic France

  1. Steph says:

    My Mum died before I had any books published. Like your parents, I know she’d have been chuffed! Well deserved for the 5 star review.

  2. Thanks Steph
    Luckily there was no sordid sex in it or I am sure she would have told me off in some way from above!

  3. Well done for the five star review!

    My father was in a German POW camp for three years, admittedly he was an officer and they did get treated better, but he said the guards were threatened with being shot if they stole from the Red Cross parcels.

  4. Thanks for your comments Victoria . It seems amazing that they could be so cruel to the jews and got away with it, yet seemed to stick to the rules on other matters.

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