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Although sales of my novel in the UK are now averaging ten a day, sales in the US are still very low, this was to be expected as my novel is about an ex-pat UK family. However there is a lot of interest in France from the States and many US ex-pats living in France.

I wondered whether the style of my book might not have the appeal to US readers, so even though it is a massive market I have been more that content with my UK sales so far as a new author. Just when I had decided not to let it bother me, up popped this great 5 Star review from a reader in New Jersey.

Obviously I will not blatantly post all my reviews, but I have to say that this one did put a spring in my tail for the weekend.

5.0 out of 5 stars Really “Van-Tastic”!!, March 10, 2012

By Beth Lynne (toms river, New Jersey, US)

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This review is from: Vantastic France. Follow the adventures of a family moving to France (Kindle Edition)

“Living the dream” usually comes with a price, as Steve Bichard’s Kindle version clearly demonstrates. As an American, I had a difficult time “getting” some of the references at first, but the context provided in the plot subtleties quickly had me catching on and empathizing with these “ex-pats”, Linda and Barry, and their desire to improve quality of life through their move to the beautiful French countryside. Once there, they are not necessarily greeted with open arms, mainly due to the snobbery of neighbor Clarissa and some old business of Barry’s (often compounded by his rotten temper!). Intrigue and old secrets, coupled with new complications run rampant, in contrast with the quiet and peaceful countryside that is meant to soothe rather than agitate.

Bichard’s characters are quite realistic and immediately relatable for anyone who has ever been in the shoes of a newcomer. Barry’s temper and Clarissa’s mean-spiritedness highlight the imperfections of each, but also show that they are human, susceptible to their own weaknesses by reacting to situations presented as they are used to by habit. Dialogue is bright and witty, and true to each character. Linda’s and Barry’s love for each other is obvious through their well-written and realistic banter, for example.

The content of the plot is filled not only with information to benefit the English to French translation for the do-it-yourselfer, but also with some intriguing twists and turns to keep the reader entertained to see if it all turns out all right in the end! I do recommend this book for the information and entertainment value, equally!

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