Vantastic Van In paperback just £4.48 on Amazon UK

I am not sure how the other distributors of paperbacks work on Amazon UK as it is now on offer well below the RRP.

Amazon UK have it for sale today at £6.27 with free delivery and Aphrohead books have it for £4.48 +£2.80 delivery, which if you are ordering other books would make the delivery less.

The prices do vary daily and have been dropping from when the book was first published, but £4.48 is a very good price, so if you are wanting to buy Vantastic France in paperback version, today is a good day to order it. As the book is still printed in the US the delivery times are a little longer, but at least the price is now very realistic.

The Kindle version is still selling very well at £1.95 and today has just topped the 800 sales.

My blog is not only to blatantly  promote Vantastic France, but also to encourage other new authors like myself to publish their own books on Amazon, which is why I try to add as much information as I can about the trials and tribulations of getting your new novel published.

One person who has taken up the challenge is Lorna Cooke who has had her novel on the back-burner for quite a while. She had now just finished editing her final draft with the help of family and friends. Lorna has also started a blog and you can follow her progress HERE.

If anyone else has been inspired to publish a new novel, then please let me know so I can give you a little plug. It is quite a difficult procedure to publish a novel but there are two very good forums for Amazon publishers when you sign up for Kindle publishing and Create Space for your paperback.

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