Should I add swear words for better effect

As you may have read I am starting to write the sequel to Vantastic France, so here is a tiny snippet that I have been working on. I feel a couple of swear words do fit in with the dialogue, I mean how many builders do not swear. 

Your feedback on limited use of swear words would be most welcome.

‘Shaun took another step forward, ‘listen again pal, we are registered builders, S&D builders Ltd, so less of the cowboy crap.’

Barry started laughing again, ‘so let me get this straight then, S&D builders.’

‘Yeh, what’s so funny about that,’ said Dave.

‘Well I am just trying to work out who is who!’

‘It’s easy dickhead, I am Shaun and he’s Dave, is that too f’kin simple for you mate.’

No mate it’s not, but as you are called S&D builder I thought that meant like you act, ‘Stupid and Dopey’,  so like I said; I was just trying to work out who was who but I think I’ve got is sussed now, so stupid, like I said before get outa my way. ‘

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7 Responses to Should I add swear words for better effect

  1. Steph says:

    I have no problem with swear words in books. It’s realistic and I would think that so long as you don’t overdo them, it won’t offend anyone or become annoying.

  2. Thanks Steph I didn’t want to overdo it, but I do feel that sometimes without them a confrontation would not have the same impact.

  3. Mandy Lister says:

    I’m with Steph on this one. Just don’t go OTT. Most people swear to one degree or another, it’s life !!!!!

  4. lornacooke says:

    I agree with Steph and Mandy – a confrontation like that needs to be realistic.

  5. Great comments, so it seems the odd one will not hurt.

  6. If they didn’t swear at all it would make their conversation completely flat and boring.

  7. Thank you for your comment Victoria, its just what I wanted to hear. I will have a good read of your blog one day, it looks very interesting.

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