My First Paperback Sale

I have just had an email from a friend in Canada, who has the honour of being the first purchaser of Vantastic France in paperback.

He did not have a Kindle so didn’t download the book, but purchased it as soon as it was out in paperback on Amazon Canada.

Glen spent a few years in Guernsey and worked as a cycle mechanic in my bike shop there. I say a mechanic but Glen was also a wizard salesman, what he doesn’t  know about bikes ins not worth knowing. He also has an amazing memory gained for being a cycle courier in America, not only will he remember someone that bought a bike a few years in the past, he could also remember the model.

This lead to him being selected for a interview for the weakest link with the scary Anne Robinson. Glen sailed through not getting a question wrong. He was not picked to go on the show, but I think that his quick brain was too much for Anne, as he always had a good answer to her sometime sarcastic remarks. I only wish that I could see a tape of his interview.

Glen is now back in his beloved Canada, has secured a great job at a bike store and spends his time doing many outdoor pursuits, which he could hardly do in little old Guernsey. We don’t really have fantastic downhill courses or trails for ski-mobiles there.

So a big thank you ‘ Gleno’ you have made my day.

I am sure he will enjoy this video of Anne Robinson Meeting her match.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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2 Responses to My First Paperback Sale

  1. Steph says:

    Congratulations again Steve! I’m sure it’s just the first of hundreds! Another glass of wine called for tonight I think …

  2. Thanks Steph
    As if I need an excuse LOL.

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