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It was so nice to receive an email this week from Stephanie Dagg of Blogs In France, she asked me to write a little post for her blog about Vantastic France, you can read my post here

Stephanie moved to France with her family from Co Cork Ireland in 2oo6, her family has grown a great deal since moving to France and now includes llamas, hens,ducks,turkeys,guinea-pigs, rabbits,cats,goats and a dog. They have 75 acres in the Cruise, with fields, lakes and woodlands.

Her very comprehensive blog  ‘Blog in France’ follows the  fun and frustrations of an ex-pat life in France and makes fascinating reading.

Stephanie is also a very successful published author, and unlike my self she has many titles to her name, including children’s books. Here is  a small selection, but you can read about all her books on her website Books are cool.  She also recommends other good reads on her website.

  Katie, from Katie’s Caterpillars, returns in Katie’s Cake. This time Mum makes Auntie Susan a super rainbow birthday cake, then goes to watch her quiz on telly. She leaves Katie in the kitchen. Katie can’t resist the icing and soon she’s licked it all off. Uh oh, she’ll be in trouble! She decides to make some replacement icing using some very unusual ingredients …

It’s an exciting story, this one. Heather’s eccentric dad, Ray, struggles to make a living as a freelance computer programmer. Then he discovers that a hugely popular free software program has a deadly bug in it. Come midnight on 31 December 2004, it’s going to deactivate a huge portion of the world’s computers. But no-one believes him – apart from some threatening characters who Heather and Ray have to go on the run to escape from.

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2 Responses to Blog in France

  1. Steph says:

    Thanks Steve! Much appreciated.
    Heading off to the City of Lights for the weekend so major culture shock in store.

  2. Hi Steph.
    We woke up to a beautiful covering of snow here in Brittany this morning, so will not be venturing out, time to get on with the new novel. Have fun in the city of lights.

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