Tripled the sales on my e-book

I have checked the sales statistics on Vantastic France on Kindle and I was surprised that after the first day my rating had shot up, I am in 5th position for travel fiction on Amazon UK.

After day one of the free offer it had doubled my first months sales, which although quite good. However, after reading various post on the KDP forum, there should have been a lot more.

Apparently the sales figures get  a glitch every so often, so other people seemed to be in the same boat. I need not have worried as a few hours later the sales figures are climbing every hour and I have now triples my sales figures.

OK, you could say they are not sales, as they are on the free offer, which ends tonight at midnight. However these special promotions puts your book far higher on the Amazon ratings, which will help future sales. Also with a little bit of luck some of the readers with enjoy the book and add a review, which to me is the best way of increasing future sales.

For those of you that took advantage of the free download, I really do hope that you enjoy my little novel and that if you did, a review would be most welcome. For those of you that paid for the download, I hope most of you felt it was worth a few pounds of your hard earned money.

I have read various opinions on the free offer programme with KDP select, some had said that it had worked wonders for their future sales, and other felt that it did not make a lot of difference. There were also the total sceptics who said that if you spent months creating a novel, why give it away for free.

All I can say to this is that it seems to be working quite well for me so far, but I do feel a little guilty that a few days before the free offer, quite a few people had paid for it. This was the only negative side of the promotion for me. But then again, people will buy new kitchens all year around, not just when a sale is on.

Just to remind you again that the free download is just available till the end of today. 2.2.12.

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One Response to Tripled the sales on my e-book

  1. Dave says:

    You are a great resource. Thanks so much.. Put it in my bookmarks and will be checking back soon..

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