Proof Copy of Vantastic France

Vantastic France is now officially in print, well the proofing version.

At only £3.00 a copy I thought it best to order 3 copies of the proof, so I can lend a couple out for other to check it over. Unlike on Kindle where you can go in and make changes daily, once a book is in print that’s it. Or you need to go through the whole process again. I have to be sure that the final copy is perfect.

Vantastic France

Book Cover

Thank you for ordering a proof of Vantastic France, Title #3770207. Your order was received and is currently being processed. Your proof will ship shortly. Delivery times may vary depending upon shipping method.
Once you receive your proof, we suggest you review it thoroughly before approving it for distribution.
Best regards,
The CreateSpace Team

I paid extra for express post, so the book could be here by 31.01.12. But time will tell if it arrives that quickly.

About Steve Bichard

I run French Classified and Property
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