Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore

After publishing my novel Vantastic France as an Amazon Kindle e-book, I now what to take it a step further and go to print, as obviously not everyone has a Kindle and a few friends have requested a paperback version for the UK.

I have read about print on demand from Amazon which is called Create Space, so I registered, thinking it would be quite straight forward, which the process of uploading your book seems to be.

However, CS is for , there is no version as yet for Amazon UK, unless you have 50 titles. Although I have read that it might be available later this year for single books.

The problem with CS on is that your books would be shipped from the US, making postage quite high. You can order your own copies in bulk to sell on if you wish to. There is also 30% tax automatically charged on your earnings, but there are ways to get over this, which are explained on the CS site.

So not as straight forward as I thought, but I still think it is the best option for a new unknown author. I also spend hours searching for most of the information and answers to some of my questions, so I would like to share a great site which gave me most of what I needed to know and this will save many of you in the same boat as me a little time.

Dragos Roua has for the last 14 months been in a similar situation, so he has a very informative post on his site, with lots of feedback from followers. There were 228 comments the last time I looked, so I think most subject are covered. Please take the time to read them all as there are some very valuable snippets of informations there.

Here is the link to the post;

  How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore

Dragos get 100,000 readers each month and also offers the following  consulting which you  can get from him:

starting an online business (from a small store to a network of websites)

  • monetizing an internet business (or a blog)
  • online marketing and promotion techniques (including, but not limited to: email marketing, SEO, social media)
  • creating and evaluating an online brand
  • creating, promoting and selling digital goods (from ebooks to online courses)

As I have gained so much free information from Dragos, the least I could do was post this link.

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